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Structure your payments and move today

We have many years’ experience in the new build market and there are now many ways you can buy a new build property.

Outright purchase – This is where you put your deposit down in the usual way and have no assistance from the builder or home-buy agency (See below) and you buy the property in one go. Typically when buying this way lenders will allow 5% of the purchase price to be given to you towards your deposit by the builder (This is subject to lenders criteria at that point in time).

Resale property

Mortgages are available for up to 95% of the properties purchase price (Subject to meeting lenders criteria and credit scoring requirements).

Buying your council property

The council will assess the level of discount that they can provide you with.  Some lenders will allow you to borrow up to 100% of your discounted price (This is subject to you meeting the lenders criteria).

Shared ownership

This applies type of scheme applies to new build and existing shared ownership property (On most property finding websites they have a separate filter for this type of home).

This is where you can buy part and rent part of a property. You can buy from 25% upwards of the property and typically a 5% of your share is needed i.e. on a property value of £100,000 and you buying a 25% share your deposit would be the following:

25% Share = £25000

5% of £25000 = £1250 deposit, the mortgage would be for £23750. You would then pay a sum of money to a housing association for the remaining £75000 (The rent can vary on every property).

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